Veronica lovingly called 'Bonnie' was born on April 22 1915. She shared a connection, with Arthur Snr. Laundy and together they built a tight-knit family with their children Arthur Jnr and Robin. Working from home she packed biscuits for Arnott’s, saving every penny to fulfil a dream - owning a pub.

In 1945 they sold their Herne Bay home to acquire The Sackville Hotel. Through their hard work and warm personalities they created a local community around them. 

Their business expanded over time. Buying, selling and leasing pubs which eventually led to a partnership in The Crossways Hotel.

The Laundy family felt that Crossways Hotel was a perfect pub to pay tribute to Bonnie and her years in the family business where she was a familiar face behind the bar and in the kitchen and would often greet guests and pour pints for locals. 

As the matriarch of the family, Bonnie orchestrated many family gatherings over the years to bring the extended Laundy clan together. Bonnie’s menu is both a love letter to Italian cuisine and the leading lady whose namesake lives on. In celebration of family, community, and the joy of coming together over a shared meal, Bonnie’s welcomes all to experience the timeless charm of good old-fashioned hospitality with an Italian twist, just like Bonnie herself did for so many years.